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Air Filtration and Ventilaton


Our classrooms continue to benefit from improved ventilation and filtration, including: 

Adjusted ventilation systems to maximize fresh air in classrooms.  


MERV-13 air filters that collect greater amounts of particles, pollen, aerosols, and other impurities than the MERV-8 filters we used previously.


Supplemental air purifiers for all classrooms. These contain high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that can add another layer of defense against viral transmission within our classrooms.


Note: This summer, AUSD hired a professional auditing firm to analyze mechanical ventilation in each classroom in AUSD. Based on the results of that audit, we are placing extra air purifiers in classrooms that are not exchanging air frequently enough. In certain scenarios we are also encouraging teachers to open windows and doors for natural ventilation. 


We will post the audit results on our website shortly.

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