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Technology Contacts

Rob van Herk
Director, Technology
510-337-7000 (ext 77140)


Robyn Odell-Kondo
Data Systems Manager
510-337-7000 (ext 77182)


Donovan Moretz
Network Administrator
510-337-7000  (ext 7139)


Ed Coover
Media Technology Specialist
510-337-7000 (ext 77100)


Letty Lopez
510-337-7000 (ext 77004)


Lydia Van Nostrand
Systems Analyst
510-337-7000 (ext 77180)

Alberto T. Garcia
Support Specialist
510-337-7000 (ext 77165)


Greg Mahler
Educational Support 
510-337-7000 (ext 77943)

Jimmy Pham
Systems Analyst
510-337-7000 (ext )

Technology Services

For Technology support please email,  open a ticket through, or contact the Helpdesk at 510-337-7165.
A technician will contact you through email or phone and maybe asking to get remote control of your laptop, Chromebook, of mobile phone. 
The technician will ask you to go to the website  The technician will then provide a Session Key and work with you on support.

A message from Rob van Herk, Director, Technology Services 

The Technology Services division is responsible for planning, implementation, support, and maintenance of computer systems, data networks, software, business systems, student information systems, library systems, e-mail systems, intra and internet access and maintenance of the AUSD website. We review and approve all district requests for computer hardware and software purchases.

We are committed to providing technology solutions and state-of-the-art information services to the students and staff at our school sites. We provide instructional technology that enables our educators to integrate technology into curricula and instruction to create new learning and meaningful environments for our students.


AUSD Technology Plan, developed in the Spring of 2013 (PDF).

The plan was presented to the Board of Education on May 28, 2013

The District uses many different data systems.

Tableau is a powerful visualization tool which includes the ability to use Mapping to display clusters of students, their demographics, and assessment. In order to use Maps, the addresses need to be geo-coded.

AUSD uses the free Texas A&M Geoservices to create latitude and longitude for each of our students' residence address.

Employee Log-In Support

SharePoint  To Access the AUSD Employee Intranet

District E-Mail  To access Outlook e-mail from home (or any other computer that is not yours)

Technology Service Ticket To submit a technology service ticket. AUSD employees Only.


*If you need help logging on to any of the above links, please call our Help Desk at (510) 337-7165

Professional Technology Support

AUSD has standards for most all technology equipment. It is important that all employees understand the options before submitting a purchase requisition.


Donated technology equipment may serve as a valuable addition to a school's technology infrastructure, but please keep in mind that there is a "hidden cost" in accepting donated computers. This includes increased time for service, cost of spare parts and other factors.

For questions regarding Technology Services please call our Help Desk at (510) 337-7165. Contact us via email at or in person at our district office located at 2060 Challenger Drive, Alameda, CA 94501.

Technology Training and Committee Events