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Technology Help Desk

Before submitting a Technology Service Ticket, search our Knowledgebase. You will find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as simple troubleshooting techniques. If your issue is not addressed here, you may submit a Technology Service Ticket.


Technology Service Ticket:

Go to: AUSD grouplink

  • Log into the ticket system with your AUSD network username and password (you use this to log in to a district computer).

To Create a New Ticket:

  • Click on the "New Ticket" tab on the top.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the Group: "Tech Services".
  • Contact Information will auto-populate. If you are entering the ticket for someone else, specify who the person is in the Notes field. You may change the Location if you travel among sites.
  • Ticket Information must be filled in by you. Select the Category and Category Option that best describes the type of request. (i.e., if you would like to upgrade Microsoft Office, select the Category: "Software", then select the Category Option: "Install/ Upgrade Microsoft Office"). The Computer Name can usually be identified by a sticker on the machine, or, if you know how to find the computers IP address, enter it here.
  • Description of the issue: additional comments may be made in the Notes field. You can CC and/or BC to notify other individuals of the ticket request. A copy of the ticket will be emailed to each recipient.
  • Attachments, such as screenshots or photos of the problem, will help us better assess the issue.
  • Once complete, click on "Save Changes" in the upper part of the screen. A ticket will automatically generate.

To View and Update Ticket Status:

  • You can view all your tickets under the "My Ticket" tab.
  • When a technician updates the request, you will receive an email update. You can reply to the email with any comments and/ or questions. This will automatically update the ticket and notify the technician. You can view any changes made under the section History Comments on the ticket.

If you need further assistance, call the Technology Help Desk at (510) 337-7165.

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