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How to get Involved

Our Parent Resources page lists many ways that community members and parent/guardians get involved in our schools and our district.


Supporting Our Schools

The support of the entire Alameda community is extremely important to the success of our schools. From parent involvement to the support of individual community members and local businesses, broad community backing has allowed our schools to weather difficult economic times and make important facility improvements.

Measures Supporting AUSD

Measure C

In 2004, Alamedans overwhelmingly supported Measure C, a $63 million bond measure that provided needed funding to build a new school, Ruby Bridges Elementary, and make needed improvements to existing schools such as seismic and accessibility upgrades, and a variety of improvements that have enhanced the learning environment for all students and teachers.

For a list of specific projects, download the Measure C Update – 2009 (PDF)

Latest Measure C Update- November 29, 2011 (PDF)


Measures A & H Parcel Taxes

In 2005 and 2008, in the face of severe state cuts to education funding, Alamedans again generously voted to support Alameda schools by passing Measures A and H, a total of $7 million in parcel taxes that fund critical school programs such as AP courses and athletics, and smaller class sizes. Both parcel taxes were replaced in June 2011 by the district's newest parcel tax, Measure A (2011). See below for more information on Measure A 2011.

Measure A

On March 8, 2011 Alameda voters approved a new Measure A by 68.01%. This new parcel tax will generate approximately $12 million per year for seven years (i.e., through June 2018). It replaced the current Measure A and H taxes effective June 2011. More Measure A Information.


Facilities Master Plan

The Board of Education approved a Facilities Master Plan for AUSD in May, 2014. The plan lists nearly $600 million in critical facility needs, educational program needs, and future needs for AUSD school sites. You can find the entire Facilities Master Plan here.


Measure I

Measure I -- a $179.5 million facilities bond -- was approved by 62.75% of Alameda voters on November 4, 2014. The funds will be used to modernize and in some cases expand existing school facilities in AUSD, as well as restore Historic Alameda High School. Updated on Measure I projects.


Measure B1 (2016)

On November 8, 2016, Alameda voters approved Measure B1 by 74.25%. The measure extends the 2011 Measure A parcel tax until June, 2025.

Supporting Organizations

PTA Council

Alameda's PTA Council is composed of representatives from each school PTA. The council provides leadership, funding, communication, and programs for parents and students throughout AUSD. Visit Alameda PTAC for information.


Alameda Education Foundation

AEF supports and manages educational opportunities, innovation, and equity for AUSD students.  Our programs support the academic, athletic, creative, and social growth for Alameda’s 10,000+ K - 12 students.  Our programs include Adopt A Classroom grants for teachers, Enrichment after-school classes and summer camps, College admission prep programs, a district-wide Robotics league, site-based middle school sports, and Art Across the Island student art exhibitions.  Alameda Education



Local Business Associations

The members of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, Greater Alameda Business Association, Park Street Business Association, West Alameda Business Association and Alameda South Shore Center businesses donate products and services to local fundraising efforts.