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Student Technology

📣AUSD is Going 1:1 in Chromebooks

💻Elementary Sites Chromecart Distribution

Elementary sites will have 1:1 Chromecarts per classroom for grades 1-5 for the 2021-2022 school year, so that students will have access to a designated Chromebook during the school day. TK and kindergarten students will have shared carts.  Additional carts will be arriving during Fall 2021 to meet the 1:1 standard.

💻Secondary Sites Chromebook Distribution

Students entering middle or high school will be issued a Chromebook that they will keep until they are promoted from 8th grade, graduate, or otherwise leave the district.

❓FAQs for 6-12 Chromebook Use

Can students bring their own device from home instead of using a school Chromebook?

  • No. Consider the Chromebook as a required class material, like a textbook.  We do not expect teachers to know how to troubleshoot other devices (Macbooks, PCs, etc), and school sites and instructors are not responsible if a private device gets damaged or lost.
  • Textbooks are online, and we are moving towards more online textbooks in future years. So all students must check out a Chromebook. 
  • Students are NOT required to bring their Chromebooks home.  If they have a computer at home or other ways to access any online homework, they can do that however they choose.  They do need to be responsible for keeping the Chromebook charged and secured for school use.

Can a teacher take a student's Chromebook away if used inappropriately in class?

  • Yes.  Teachers are using the same classroom management/consequences as with other materials.  If students disrupt and/or distract while using a Chromebook, teachers can take away a Chromebook. Confiscated Chromebooks should be turned into the office with documentation of the issue.

How do I care for my Chromebook?  Click on the image below.

How do I log into my Chromebook and how do I update Chrome?  Click on the image below.

Managing Students' online experience

👁️GoGuardian Admin

Students will be working in AUSD Google accounts at school and at home. Secondary students will also be working on AUSD Chromebooks at home.

On the district side, we have installed some safeguards on devices and platforms to deter students from accessing inappropriate or distracting content. For instance:

  • If your child logs onto an AUSD Google Chromebook using an AUSD email account, Internet website access will be controlled by GoGuardian. This district-wide software prevents students from accessing several categories of inappropriate content, including pornography, drug-related information, opportunities for academic dishonesty, and sites that can cause computer viruses when contacted.
  • If your child logs onto a non-AUSD Google Chromebook using an AUSD email account, the content filtering will also apply.
  • If your child logs onto a non-AUSD, non-Chromebook device (e.g., a family member’s laptop or iPad) using an AUSD email account, the filtering may not apply, specifically if the student is not in the Chrome browser.
Digital Citizenship

Students are responsible for their behavior while online, and teachers will work diligently on focusing students on appropriate tasks and sites. At home, these resources can help parents/guardians protect children online safety:

☑️Tips for Practicing Good Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Infographic