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2018-19 Comprehensive Review


During the spring of 2019, the Special Education Division of the California Department of Education (CDE) conducted a Comprehensive Review of AUSD's special education policies, procedures, and practices, as well as governance documents of the North Region Special Education Local Plan Area.

This in-depth review was comprised of two analyses:

  1. A "desk audit" (February 12, 2019)  
  2. An on-site review (May 20-24)

As a result of the review, the CDE issued a report comprised of three sections:

  1. A summary letter about the findings
  2. A review of AUSD's special education policies and procedures
  3. A review of the records of students receiving special education services

AUSD is committed to working with its staff to continually improve the quality of support all students receive and believes that being transparent about the areas of growth is essential to this process.  To support that transparency and growth, the summary letter and district-level review are linked above.  Due to state and federal laws mandating the confidentiality of student records, however, we are unable to share that section of the audit report.


  • 8/1/19:  CDE releases notice of results for the 2018-19 Comprehensive Review 
  • 8/2/19:  Special Education leadership reviews the Comprehensive Review documents
  • 8/7/19:  Documents and expectations shared in Special Education Management Retreat
    • Due date for student level corrections calendared for October 22
    • Due date for district level correction calendared for November 13
  • 8/13/19:  During a "Welcome Back" retreat for special education teachers and related services providers, the Director of Special Education shares general expectations for teacher response to errors cited and reconvening of IEP meetings  
  • 9/9/19:  Notices are sent to Teachers of Record to reconvene IEP meetings as necessary to address errors by October 22nd
  • 9/20/19:  District Level Correction Planning Meeting
  • 10/15/19:  District timeline set for school site level corrections
  • 10/29/19: Special Education Leadership to present CR process, findings, and course of correction to the Board of Education
  • 11/6/19:  District timeline set for district level corrections