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Aeries Signal Kit


What is Aeries Communications?

Signal Kit, also known as Aeries Communications, is a fully-integrated communication platform within the Aeries Portal. It supports one- and two-way announcements and messaging between any type of user, including parents/guardians,  students, teachers, and school administrators. This includes traditional phone calls, text messages, emails, text-to-speech, as well as viewing messages online. It also supports translations, and the ability to deliver messages in the recipient’s desired language.

How do I access Aeries Communications?

Once you are logged into the Aeries Family Portal, click on “Communications” in the top navigation bar. For detailed information on how to access the Aeries Family Portal, please see our Family Portal web page.


What can I do in Aeries Communications?

  • Communicate on a secure and accountable platform via Direct Message with your student's teachers
  • Follow “Groups” of your choice to receive messages that are important to you (such as your student’s school, specific classes, teams, PTAs, and other activity-related groups)
  • Select the way you would like to receive messages (phone call, text, and/or email notifications)
  • Select your language of preference for communications

Click here for a short video tour for Aeries Communications.


How do I select my notification preferences for Aeries Communications announcements from AUSD?

Log into the Aeries Family Portal (a link is also located on your school's website). Once in Aeries, click on “Communications” in the top navigation bar.

  • Click on your personal profile avatar (the circle with your initials in it). You can select your own photo or image for your avatar.
  • A dropdown menu with “Personal Info,” “Feed Manager,” and “Notifications” appears.
  • Click on “Notifications.” Check and uncheck boxes to indicate how you would like to receive each type of announcement from the school district.

Click here for a short video to show you how to

update your Notification Preferences.


What is the Personal Info section for?

 The Personal Info section is where you can:

  • Add additional phone numbers for notifications. (Note: No other contact information can be edited here in order to preserve the security and accuracy of your account.  Additional changes to your contact information can only be made in the main Aeries Family Portal during data confirmation or by contacting your school site.)
  • Select the Preferred Language for your announcements.  Aeries Communications announcements can be automatically translated from English into numerous other languages.  Translated messages will always have a “caption icon” pictured next to them, which you can click on to see the original English version.

 What is the “Feed Manager” section for?

Your "Feed" is a chronological timeline of announcements from all schools, classes, and groups you are following. You can filter your feed down to a specific school, class, or group by clicking on it within your navigation panel.


What are the two icons beneath my personal profile avatar?       

The icon with three dots and three bars is the Feed icon. Clicking on this icon allows you to see all announcements you have received.  These are the same announcements you receive via your notification preferences of email, text, and/or phone call.


If you click on the conversation bubble, icon you can communicate via Direct Message with your student's teachers.  Direct Messages are "two-way conversations" between members.  A direct message will go to email or SMS text message after five minutes if it is not viewed within the app.  Any member can send messages in his/her preferred language and the message will instantly translate it to the recipient’s preferred language.  Communications via direct message provide a secure platform to ask and answer questions and to share information among members.

What if I don’t receive a message?
You can check the email address and phone number(s) we have on record for you in the Personal Info section in Aeries Communications. If you need to change or update one of these, you can contact your school site’s office for help.


If your email and phone number(s) are correct, please check the Notifications page to make sure you haven’t disabled announcements.


Click here for a short video to show you how to

update your Notification Preferences.

Please note: Outreach and emergency phone messages will be sent to contacts listed as “Parent/Guardian 1 or 2” in the Aeries Family Portal. Emergency phone messages will be sent to contacts listed as “Emergency.”

How can I get more information about Aeries Communications?

Parent/Guardian Walkthrough PDF
Spanish Parent/Guardian Walkthrough PDF
Chinese Parent/Guardian Walkthrough PDF
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