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Safety Strategies at our Schools


Parents/guardians can drop off and pick up students on the blacktop, as long as they (the parents/guardians) remain masked. Similarly, masked parents/guardians can enter the school office to drop off or pick up materials or ask questions. We continue to ask that family members stay out of our school buildings during school hours, however. This will help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. This restriction also applies to volunteers. While parents/guardians are welcome to volunteer outdoors (e.g., for lunch supervision or garden docent), at this time we cannot allow non-staff adults inside our buildings or classrooms.


The July 12, 2021 guidance from the California Department of Public Health does not require staff and students to maintain physical distancing. This is because recent evidence shows that in-person instruction can occur safely without physical distancing as long as other mitigation strategies are implemented. However, assemblies and field trips are not allowed at this time, and back-to-school family events (such as picnics and principal coffee meetings) may be held via Zoom. We are doing this to add another layer of protection against viral transmission, especially among adults, on our campuses. 


Students will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands as they enter and exit the classroom as well as before meals. We have provided hand sanitizer in every classroom and in common areas, and we will continue to provide soap and paper towels in all classrooms that have sinks.


Teachers may choose to engage in outdoor learning for certain lessons.  AUSD has purchased plastic chairs and portable whiteboards to support students and teachers in setting up class outside.  


Meal service will be available for students at all schools Monday through Friday. As students will be maskless while they eat, AUSD staff are working with school sites to identify possible outdoor eating areas and alternative indoor areas to spread students out as much as possible.  


Athletics and other extracurriculars: The California Department of Public Health has not yet released its guidelines for athletics, band, drama, or other extracurricular or elective activities. We will update our community on those protocols as soon as we receive them.


outdoor learning

can we travel during the school year?

The California Department of Public Health has not issued new guidelines for domestic or international travel during the pandemic. Instead, the agency refers state residents to the CDC's international travel guidelines and domestic travel guidelines.. Both include recommendations to avoid travel unless you are fully vaccinated. If you do travel, the guidelines include getting tested 3-5 days after returning home, self-quarantining for 7 days, and avoiding being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not