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Planning for 2020-21

task force members

Strategic Planning Group

Pasquale Scuderi (Superintendent)

Sara Stone (Chief Academic Officer)

Kirsten Zazo (Chief Student Support Officer)

Lindsey Jenkins-Stark (Data Coordinator)

Community Partners

Christine Chilcott (Girls Inc. of the Island City)

Kale Jenks (Alameda Family Services)

Vicki Sedlack (Alameda Education Foundation)


Tracy Allegrotti

Tanya Harris

Kent Peterson

Jodi McCarthy

Claudia Medina


Jenn Balaian

Stephanie Cox

Jessica Downs

Cassie Ferguson 

Kristin Furuichi-Fong

Ron Parodi

Bonnie Roberts

Sheila SatheWarner

Melissa Saunders

Rebecca Schaye

Chandini Stanley

Health and Safety

Karen Allen (AUSD Nurse)


Susan Davis (Senior Manager, Community Affairs)


Janice Carroll (TSA, Instructional Technology)

Robyn Odell-Kondo (Data Systems Manager)

Human Resources

Sandy Wong (Coordinator, Certificated)

Labor Representatives

Judith Klinger (President, AEA)

Cindy Zecher (President, CSEA-27)

Amy Keegan 

Student Members

Brian Lin (Encinal High School)

Henry Mills (Alameda High School)












In March 2020, AUSD suspended in-class instruction due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. The suspension was extended twice - first to the end of April and then to the close of school.


At its May 18 public meeting, the Board of Education approved staff's recommendation that the 2019-20 school year end on May 29 rather than the previously scheduled June 8. This decision was made because the ongoing pandemic has made it clear that AUSD may need to offer at least some of its instruction remotely in the 2020-21 school year. And in order to provide the best educational program possible, we want to collaborate with teachers on effective, state-of-the-art remote learning strategies. As such, our union partners and district staff agreed that it would be more effective to convert some of the distance learning days at the end of 2019-20 into professional development days to prepare for next year and the possibility of needing to do at least some remote learning next year.


That same month AUSD convened a Redesign Task Force to explore, develop, and implement an instructional program for next year that balances the goals of supporting our students’ academic, social, and emotional needs with providing as safe an environment as we can. That Task Force will survey families, consult with other committees and stakeholders in the district, and ultimately make a recommendation to the Board of Education. 


This page provides resources on AUSD's planning for 2020-21, including FAQs, Board of Education presentations, background reading, and other materials.

upcoming community engagement opportunities


ausd resources

board of education presentations

other ausd information

previous community engagement opportunities


  • June 10, 4:00 pm: Meeting of Afterschool Support Providers 
  • June 10, 5:30 pm: English Language Development Committee

  • June 12-16: Parent and student poll  sent out about schedule options

  • June 16: Middle and High School Student Town Hall

  • June 17, 5:30 pm: Special Education Town Hall (Moderate to Severe)

  • June 18, 5:30 pm: Special Education Town Hall (Mild to Moderate)

  • June 22, 4:00 pm: PTA Council Leaders

  • June 30 – Woodstock Child Development Center Town Hall