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Public Record Request

Submitting a Request for Public Record


Business Services oversees all California Public Record Act requests that come to the District.


AUSD records are open to inspection at all times during regular office hours.  Any reasonably segregable portion of a record shall be available for inspection by any person requesting the record after deletion of the portions that are exempted by law. Except for public records exempt from disclosure by express provisions of law, a request for a copy of reasonably-described identifiable records shall be made available with minimal delay to the requesting party. An exact copy shall be provided unless it is impracticable to do so.


You will be notified within ten (10) days:

  • Whether the District requires an extension of time to determine whether it has records responsive to your request

  • Whether the District has records responsive to your request

  • Whether the District has records responsive to your request but which are exempt from disclosure and the reasons for exemption

  • Whether the District has records responsive to your request and the page count and cost of copying the records

  • Based on the page count, the time required to copy the documents requested. Copying of documents responsive to your request will be completed as soon as possible.


If your request is to review documents rather than receive copies, the District will make an appointment at the time of presentation of your request for a future date reasonable to allow staff to gather the documents and review them for compliance with the provisions of the Public Records Act.


The charge for copies of any specifically described and identified public records not exempt from disclosure is $.01 per page for copied documents, except there will be no charge for less than ten (10) pages.


Records stored by the District in electronic format will be provided in electronic format when possible and when requested by any person.


To submit a Request for Public Records:


1. E-mail:


2. Make sure the subject is: "Public Request for Records."


*Please Note: This is NOT to be used to request a transcript. Please contact Student Services if you are requesting a copy of your transcript or other student record. Student records are not public records and must be requested by the student or parent or guardian if the student is under 18 years of age


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