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Special Education

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Finding information about learning differences, disabilities, and special education services can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We hope the following resources help you understand what types of special education services we offer, how to work with our department, and what your parental rights are.


Special Education Procedural Rights
SELPA Policy Board Meeting 5/19/22
SELPA Policy Board Meeting 5/26/22

North Region SELPA

Special Education Services Offered

Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) and the North Region SELPA provide a full continuum of services for students ages 0-22 who are eligible for special education and related services. Those services include (but are not limited to) access to:

  • General education classroom with specialized academic instruction
  • General education classroom with specialist services
  • General education classroom with related services
  • Special education classroom with specialized academic instruction
  • Instruction in settings other than classrooms with specialized academic instruction
  • Itinerant instruction in classrooms, learning centers and settings other than classrooms
  • Instruction in classrooms throughout the SELPA for individuals with exceptional needs who require intensive instruction and training
  • Instruction in the home, hospitals, or other institutions

For more information on the types of services we provide, please check our AUSD Special Education Services page.

Special Education Strategic Plan Group

In the spring of 2017, AUSD formed a committee to create a three- to five year plan for the delivery of special education services in AUSD. Based on recommendations from the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team, the committee was comprised of parents, community members, general and special education teachers, specialists, classified staff, and administrators.

Meeting Presentations, Summaries, and final report.

Extended School Year (ESY) 2022

This year ESY will run from Thursday, June 23rd through Wednesday, July 20 (no school on July 4th).


ESY for WCDC Preschool:

Woodstock Child Development Center (WCDC)

500 Pacific Ave., Alameda

Times 9:00 - 11:30 am

Contact: Jill Hunter (


ESY for COA Preschool and Elementary grade levels K-5:

Ruby Bridges Elementary School

351 Jack London Ave., Alameda

Times: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Contact: Jill Hunter (


ESY for Secondary grade levels 6-12 and Adult Transition:

Alameda High School (AHS)

2200 Central Ave., Alameda

Times: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Contact: Michael Lee (


2021-22 Local Plan

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 20 United States Code (20USC) Section 1400 et seq. and related federal regulations, require a continuum of regional program options to meet students with disabilities needs for special education and related services.


The California Department of Education (CDE) established guidelines for the coordinated development and submission of Local Plan components that ensure this continuum of program options. SELPAs ensure access to special education and services for all students with disabilities residing within the geographic areas served by each Local Plan.


The Alameda Unified School District is a member of the North Region SELPA and below are the SELPA's Local Plan documents.

Section A Contacts and Certifications for Section B  (Pending CDE Approval)

Section B Governance and Administration (Pending CDE Approval)

Section A Contracts and Certifications for Sections D and E (Pending CDE Approval)

Section D Annual Budget Plan (Pending CDE Approval)

Section D Attachments (Pending CDE Approval)

Section E Annual Service Plan (Pending CDE Approval)

Section E Attachments (Pending CDE Approval)



Please go to our dedicated COVID_19 Special Education Resources page for details on our response to the current pandemic.

Special Education Contacts

Niel Tam Education Center

2060 Challenger Dr.,

Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: (510) 337-7194

Fax: (510) 864-2309


Randhir Bains

Sr. Director of Special Education 

(510) 337-7098 ext. 77098


Betty Lin

Coordinator, Preschool through

Elementary and Autism Programs

(510) 337-7033 ext. 77033


Julie Venuto


Secondary, Private School,  Non Public School, and Mod/Sev Continuum

(510) 337-7142 ext. 77142


Jill Hunter

Program Manager, Preschool

(510) 337-7128 ext. 77128


Gabriel Welcher

Program Manager, Private School and Non Public School

(510) 337-7928 ext. 77928


Chandini Stanley

Program Manager, Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment & Acceleration

(510) 337-7005 ext. 77005


Myra Santome-Elias

Data and Compliance Administrator

(510) 337-7093 ext. 77093


Mary Hallford

Budget Analyst

(510) 337-7177


Christina Nieves

Office Assistant

(510) 337-7000 ext. 77075


Stefanie Cox

TSA - Special Education, Moderate/Severe

(510) 337-7203 ext. 77203


Julia Neff

TSA - Special Education, Mild/Moderate

(510) 337-


Tara Donoghue

Behavior Specialist

(510) 337-7041 ext. 77041


Tamar Cohen

Behavior Specialist

(510) 337-7046 ext. 77046


Joan Ralph

Behavior Specialist

(510) 337-7041 ext. 77041


Ingrid Ryan

Behavior Specialist

(510) 337-7046 ext. 77046


Mary Grace Basco

Preschool Specialist

(510) 337-7035 ext. 77035


Karyn Missaggia

Transition Services Specialist

(510) 337-7127 ext. 77127