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Open Enrollment

"Open enrollment" is for families who want their child to attend AUSD schools that accept students from all neighborhoods.  Those schools are:

  • ASTI
  • Bay Farm School (6-8 program)
  • EHS Jr/Sr High School
  • Maya Lin School
  • Wood Middle School

If you want to attend the Encinal Jr. Jets or ASTI programs, you need to fill out an application no matter where you live.


If you live outside the Bay Farm, Maya Lin, or Wood zone, you need to fill out an application.


You do not need to fill out an application for an open enrollment school if:

  • Your child is a Bay Farm School 5th grader
  • You live in the Maya Lin School zone
  • You live in the Wood Middle School zone

Confused? Check this chart to see if you need to fill out an application.


Open Enrollment Application Necessity

Submit an application

if you live in the

neighborhood zone

Submit an application

if you live outside the

neighborhood zone

Bay Farm School


(if your child is already enrolled in  Bay Farm's elementary program)


(if your child is  enrolled

in a different elementary school)

EHS Jr Jets Y Y
Maya Lin School N Y
Wood Middle School N Y


The Open Enrollment Application for the 20/21 school year time frame has passed for:


Bay Farm Middle School

Wood Middle School 

Encinal Jr./Sr. High School


Please request Transfer via our intra-district request form


To be considered in the lottery for each of the above schools, applications must be submitted by January 17, 2020.


20-21 Maya Lin Application

The Maya Lin application must be submitted by March 30, 2020 to be considered in the Lottery.