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Affidavit Information

Who needs an affidavit?

If you live with someone and your name is not listed on the rental agreement, or a property tax or utility bill, you will need to fill out a Shared Residence Family Affidavit to prove Alameda residency.  Please click here for Requirements (PDF).


If your student lives with someone other than his/her parent, you will need to fill out a Shared Residence Caregiver Affidavit.  Please click Requirements for a Shared Residence Caregiver Affidavit (PDF) for requirements.


All affidavits are subject to review and a mandatory home checks All affidavits must be renewed yearly. 

Renewing an Affidavit

Under state law, affidavits need to be renewed annually. If you are a current AUSD family and need to renew an affidavit for 2019-20 school year please book a renewal appointment at the bottom of this page.