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March 9 Update on COVID-19: Cancellation of Non-Essential Events
Posted 3/9/20

Dear AUSD Families and Staff,


We are writing tonight to let you know of an important precaution that we are taking in our efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19. 


Out of an abundance of caution and a commitment to keeping our community safe, we have decided to cancel or postpone “non-essential” AUSD events for the next 14 school days. As such, these adjustments will be in effect from March 10 through March 27.


Events to be cancelled or postponed include: assemblies; field trips; performances (e.g., drama and music rehearsals and productions); school events (such as fundraisers and school community/family meetings); morning gatherings (announcements will be given over the loudspeaker); and parent teacher conferences (these will take place over the phone).


Afterschool programs will continue to operate. School events held off district property (e.g., a fundraiser in a local restaurant) can also proceed as originally planned.




We know there have been some questions about continuing to hold athletic events. We are consulting with our high school and middle school leagues and considering options for spectator-free games, postponement/rescheduling of games, and in some instances cancellation of games. We will have more information based on our collaboration with our athletic partners in the very near future.


Next Steps


We will work with your individual school sites to get the exact list of events to be canceled or rescheduled during this period sent to you.


We realize this news will  be disappointing for many and in some cases may have financial repercussions. We are committed to trying to reschedule events in as many cases as possible and will work with school sites to work out the financial details.


We plan to be in regular communication with our staff and communities in the coming days as this is a very fluid and evolving situation.


If this direction needs to be extended or if developments permit us to resume these activities prior to spring break we will surely convey either scenario promptly. 


Again, we are taking these precautions to help contain the possible spread of COVID-19 – not only in our schools and among our families but in the rest of the community.  Health officials have clearly communicated that implementing “social distancing” – i.e., reducing the possibility that people who are infected come in contact with others – is a key part of limiting the spread of this disease. We want to be proactive in our approach to controlling the spread of this worrisome virus in our schools and our communities.


We are working carefully to balance taking preventative steps with the notable disruptions and anxiety that some of those steps bring about.  Please know that our decisions, many of which are challenging and somewhat unprecedented, may sometimes be imperfect but will always prioritize student and community health and safety over all else. 


Thank you for your patience, concern, and understanding as we address this issue together as educators and community partners.




Pasquale Scuderi

Superintendent of Schools