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Payroll FAQ

When is Payday?
Paydays are the last working day of the month with the exception of December for Certificated employees, which are paid on the first working day of January.


I'm a substitute, what days does my paycheck cover?
Each paycheck covers the 1st to the last of the month, it is paid on the next payday, which is the end of the following month.


Where do I pick up my paycheck/paystub?
Permanent employee: Checks are delivered to the sites the morning of payday. Pay stubs are NO LONGER delivered. Please log on to to view your paystubs and leave information.

Substitutes: You can pick your paycheck in the Payroll department (2060 Challenger Drive).

Note: During the summer and any other time when the schools are closed on paydays, the checks/paystubs will be held in the Payroll department. You must come to Payroll to pick up your paystub/check.


I forgot to pick up my check from my site on payday, where is it now?
Four days/1 week after payday, any checks not picked up from the sites are sent back to Payroll. Any paychecks not picked up will be mailed on the 25th of the following month to the current address on file.


My doctor is putting me off work for an extended period of time. Do I notify payroll?
You need to turn in a doctor’s off-work certificate to HR.  This form will need to state the duration of your disability. Prior to your return, you will also need to provide a doctor’s release to return to work to HR.


I am resigning from AUSD. Will my accumulated sick leave be paid out to me?
PERS and STRS regulations prohibit any district from paying our sick leave. However, it can be transferred to a new school district, county, or city in California. Notify your new employer that you have sick days at AUSD and they will send us a form for transfer. If you are retiring, your sick days will be forwarded to PERS or STRS and used to increase your service credit.


I recently changed my name and or moved. How do I change that information with the district?
A form is available on SharePoint that you need to complete and bring in to HR; this will be used to update your information. Human Resources will make a copy of your new Social Security card for any name changes, as it is required by IRS that we issue paychecks to the name that appears on your Social Security card. The changes will appear on your next check.


How often can I change my Federal and or State withholdings?
You can change your withholding (form W-4, federal, from DE4, state) anytime. Forms are available here on the website or in Payroll. Please bring them to Payroll when they are complete