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Parcel Tax Advisory Committee 2009-2010


Recommendations Showing Vote Counts (PDF)

City of Alameda Parcel Demographics (PDF) 

*Please note that this information is based on 2008 County Assessor's Data. For updated information, please view the Parcel Tax Presentation (PDF)  from October 14, 2010 meeting.

2009-2010 School Year Meetings

Meeting Date




January 7, 2010 Agenda 1.7.10 (PDF)    
December 10, 2009 Agenda 12.10.9 (PDF) Minutes 12.10.09 (PDF)  
November 19, 2009 Agenda 11.19.09 (PDF)  Minutes 11.19.09 (PDF)  Ppt. Possible Scenarios (PDF)
October 29, 2009   Agenda 10.29.09 (PDF)  Minutes 10.29.09s (PDF) Ppt. Legal Considerations (PDF) , Ppt. Parcel Tax Structures (PDF)