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2021 Graduations and Promotions


We are delighted to announce that our schools will be able to hold in-person graduation and promotion ceremonies this year. These events will comply with public health mandates and guidelines – including masking and social distancing. In addition, the senior dinner and picnic will still be held, although this year, again, high school proms cannot be held, due to the difficulty of complying with public health rules with such events. Please see below for the schedule of our graduation and promotion ceremonies.

5th grade promotion schedule

School Date Time  Location
Bay Farm (5th grade) June 15 9:30 am Bay Farm School
Earhart June 15 9:30 am Earhart
Edison June 14 1:00 pm Edison
Franklin June 9 10:00 am Franklin
Love June 11 9:30 am Love
Maya Lin June 11 1:00 pm Maya Lin
Otis June 9 10:30 am Otis
Paden June 14 1:00 pm Paden
Ruby Bridges June 14 1:00 pm Ruby Bridges


8th grade promotion schedule

School Date Time Location
Bay Farm 8th grade June 15 1:00 pm Bay Farm School
Junior Jets 8th grade June 15 4:00 pm Willie Stargell Field
Lincoln Middle School June 14 3:00 pm Lincoln Middle School
Wood Middle School  June 14 10:00 am Thompson Field


12th grade graduation schedule

School Date Time Location
Alameda Adult School June 16 2:30 pm Virtual
Alameda High School June 16 11:00 am Thompson Field
ASTI June 17 4:00 pm Encinal High School
Encinal High School June 16 4:30 pm Encinal High School
Island High School June 18 4:00 pm Encinal High School


kjtz celebrations!

links to 2020 virtual ceremonies

Links to the videos went live at 7 pm on the date of the school's commencement, as listed above. You can learn about the process for creating these videos  here