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COVID-19 Testing

Throughout the pandemic, AUSD has provided a robust COVID-19 testing program to students and staff. That testing has included regular background PCR testing for students in grades K-6, free drop-in PCR testing at campuses across the schools district, and PCR testing in response to positive cases.

As of the summer of 2022, AUSD's drop-in PCR testing at Alameda High School is available to students, staff, and community members Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.  We're asking that all students and staff members get tested before August 12 so we can get snapshot view of case rates across the district. 

Starting August 15, AUSD will provide rapid, at-home antigen tests for students and staff who are exposed to positive cases at school. These rapid tests will replace the use of PCR testing on site when there are positive cases.

About National Labs

National Labs, which performs AUSD's COVID-19 testing, is a Bay-area based CLIA & COLA certified reference laboratory specializing in COVID-19 and Toxicology testing. They have joined California's lab taskforce to provide necessary testing to local counties and companies. National Labs' goal is to help provide the safest school environment possible through the addition of a COVID-19 testing partnership. Trained medical staff will be available in multiple exclusive onsite collection centers throughout our district for convenience and fast results.

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