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COVID-19 Protocols

AUSD’s priority for the 2022-23 is to continue to have our students and teachers attending in school in-person and on-campus. At the same time, we continue to focus on reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission by implementing a number of mitigation strategies in accordance with public health guidance. Those guidelines have changed frequently over the last two years, but in general those strategies - what we call  “layers of protection” - fall into three categories: personal behavior and equipment; facility improvements and protocols; and identifying and responding to positive cases. The modules below summarize these protocols; select the tabs to get more details.

Our Layers of Protection

What to do when your child...

Volunteer Protocols

AUSD is excited to welcome parent volunteers back on campus this year. We strongly recommend that volunteers stay masked while on campus and get tested for COVID-19 regularly. (See our COVID-19 Testing page for information on how to get tested.)

In addition, all volunteers need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and show proof of that vaccination.


AUSD COVID-19 Liaison Team

Susan Davis
Senior Manager, Community Affairs
Karen Allen, RN 
District Nurse
Sandra Hoffman-Dorrance, RN
District Nurse

 COVID-19 Symptoms and Positive Cases Reporting Form

Please go to your school's home page and select "Family Resources." From the drop-down menu, select "COVID-19 Symptoms and Positive Cases." That will open the form for your school. 

screenshot of dropdown menu on website