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COVID-19 Information



Boy getting vaccinated

 Since March 2020, AUSD's goal has been to both provide both strong academic and emotional supports to students and staff and timely, accurate, and transparent information about public health orders and guidelines regarding the pandemic and how those orders and guidelines will affect AUSD instruction and operation.

This page provides links to both district information and other agencies' materials. The education and well-being of our students is our priority, and we remain committed to providing our community with credible information about this public health situation going forward.


AUSD COVID-19 Liaison Team

Susan Davis
Senior Manager, Community Affairs
Karen Allen, RN 
District Nurse
Sandra Hoffman-Dorrance, RN
District Nurse

COVID-19 Symptoms and Positive Cases Reporting Form

Looking for the reporting form? Go to your school's home page, and select "Family Resources." From the drop-down menu, select "COVID-19 Symptoms and Positive Cases." That will open the form for your school. 

screenshot of dropdown menu on website