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COVID-19 Testing Information for Employees

Summer testing schedule

Alameda High School Cafeteria

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Although Alameda County went into the Orange Tier of COVID-19 risk and restriction on March 30, testing for employees remains mandatory due to our MOU with labor partners. Under that agreement, all AUSD employees need to be tested once monthly, with 25% of the workforce being tested per week.


AUSD's HR Department sent emails to employees on April 1 and April 2 with the schedule assignments. (Search for "AUSD HR Dept" in your Outlook inbox.) You can also find information in our March 31 community bulletin


If you have further questions, contact: Humera Khalil, Human Resources,




Onsite Testing: Overview 

  • About our partner, National Labs: National Labs is a Bay-area based CLIA & COLA certified reference laboratory specializing in COVID-19 and Toxicology testing. They have joined California's lab taskforce to provide necessary testing to local counties and companies. National Labs' goal is to help provide the safest school environment possible through the addition of a COVID-19 testing partnership. Trained medical staff will be available in multiple exclusive onsite collection centers throughout our district for convenience and fast results.  
  • Eligibility: All AUSD employees, contractors, coaches, and substitutes are eligible to take advantage of COVID-19 testing at our onsite collection centers
  • Type of COVID-19 tests: Specimens are collected via a non-invasive nasal swab that enters the nostril about an inch. Specimens are run via the gold-standard RT-PCR method which detects and identifies SARS-CoV-2 in patients.
  • Frequency of access to testing: We ask that employees take the COVID-19 test every 14 days.
  • What to expect: A friendly, safe and pain-free experience. Please wear your mask at all times until the collector instructs otherwise. All community areas are sanitized between employees and safe distancing will be practiced.
  • How much time should you allot:  <5 minutes. An initial Intake Form is requested with your first site visit. You will be asked to provide your health insurance info on the form. There is no cost to you. This will only have to be provided once.  The form is linked in the upper right hand of this page.
  • Process for test results: Test will be returned within 24-48 hrs after specimen collection. You will receive an email summary alert of one of the following test result types: Detected, Not Detected and Inconclusive. AUSD will have access to full report PDFs if requested.