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Online Applications & Student Privacy

21st-century learning tools are key parts of Alameda Unified’s educational program. They provide opportunities for AUSD students to think critically, communicate, collaborate, create content, and otherwise dive deeper into materials and activities outlined in the Common Core State Standards. Some of these apps, websites, and electronic database applications store private and confidential student information. AUSD has a legal responsibility to protect student data and privacy per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

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Federal & State Data Privacy Laws

AUSD'S Commitment to Ensuring Student Data Privacy

AUSD takes laws and contracts governing student data privacy very seriously. The contracts AUSD enters into with education technology service providers contain language that requires companies to implement security protocols to protect students’ personally identifiable information, and comply with state [per California Education Code 49073.1 (AB1584)] and federal data privacy laws.