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WCDC Renaming Process


At its August 23, 2022 meeting, the Board of Education directed AUSD staff to review WCDC’s name. Board members expressed interest in naming the school after  Ardella Dailey, the former WCDC director who also worked as a principal, administrator, superintendent, and board member in AUSD.

Under AUSD policy 7310 that clearly sets out the steps that need to be taken to ensure all voices are heard and all options considered while considering the re-naming of an AUSD facility.

The first step was to engage families and staff at the site to discuss the current name.

AUSD scheduled three meetings for the week of September 6-9 to talk about the process and review the current name with the WCDC community. (Future meetings will be designed to discuss potential new names.) Staff also passed out flyers and talked to families at WCDC to engage them more directly.

Based on these conversations and a review of the relevance of the current name, at the September 9 Board meeting, the Superintendent recommended moving to the second step:  initiating the actual re-naming process. 

During this phase:

  • A re-naming committee will be convened
  • Community meetings will be held to solicit and review potential names
  • A survey will be sent to the WCDC community so that they can vote on a new name
  • The committee will recommend a name to the Superintendent
  • The Superintendent will recommend a name to the Board
  • A 60-day public comment period will be held
  • The Board will vote on the name after the public comment period is completed


Susan Davis
Senior Manager, Community Affairs
510-337-7000, ext. 77175

Board Presentations

Prior Meetings

  • Tuesday, September 6, 6 pm for families
  • Wednesday, September 7, 4 pm for staff
  •  Wednesday, September 7,  6:00 pm for staff and families