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Strategic Plan


From 2019 to 2022, AUSD worked on a strategic plan to help our district  articulate and align our educational focus, time, resources, and organizational design. It is especially focused on providing equitable opportunities and access to all of our students. 

This strategic planning process began with meetings with the Board of Education and focus groups to discuss and identify AUSD’s mission, values, priorities, and challenges. The next phase included meetings with teachers, staff, students, and families across the district to get a better sense of the steps they believed our district should take to improve the educational experience and outcomes in AUSD. Although staff had to pause their work during COVID, the Strategic Plan has been discussed and presented multiple times at Board meetings over these past three years.

While the plan has gone through numerous drafts and remains a living document, the most recent draft was presented to the Board of Education in June, 2022.  That presentation is available here.



Vision and Mission

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Strategic Plan

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