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Strategic Plan


In 2019-20, AUSD is developing a strategic plan to help our district  articulate and align our educational focus, time, resources, and organizational design.

This strategic planning process began last spring with meetings with the Board of Education and focus groups to discuss and identify AUSD’s mission, values, priorities, and challenges. This fall we're meeting with teachers, staff, students, and families across the district to get a better sense of the steps they think our district should take to improve the educational experience in AUSD, as well as its outcomes.

Graduate Profile

This fall, staff has been developing a graduate profile, i.e., a composite of the global skills and dispositions we want for all graduates of our district. This vision of an AUSD graduate will then serve as a “north star” or student-centered guide for the decisions and determinations we make in the development of our strategic plan and its accompanying goals and priorities.  

District staff met with and surveyed staff, students, and community members to gather input on who we want our students to be upon graduation and are now in the process of turning that feedback into an organized, coherent vision.  This video of the November 6 community meeting about the graduate profile captures both staff's introduction of the profile and strategic plan and the kind of work that has been done on it.  

After reviewing more than 500 graduate profile submissions, district staff developed a a draft Graduate Profile that was presented to the Board of Education first at its December 10 meeting and then at the December 17 meeting. (Both presentations are linked on the left-hand side of this page.

Moving Forward

Development of the strategic plan will be an interactive process that will allow us to collect a wide range of perspectives from educators and stakeholders to further inform the development of our focus and goals for the next several years. We will hold meetings about the graduate profile this fall and then about the plan and actual implementation plan next winter and spring. Please check this web page often, as we will be continuously adding meeting dates and content.


Superintendent Scuderi will be discussing the strategic plan at PTA meetings at school sites from November to February. If you are a parent/guardian, please watch your inbox for news of when he will be visiting your PTA!

4 Needs Identified In Initial Strategic Plan Work

  • We need to build an common understanding of and agreement on fundamental problems and root causes related to equity and inclusion
  • We need to focus and prioritize particularly in the areas of Tier 1 classroom instruction and lesson design
  • We need more consistency and uniformity in our policies (homework, grading) so that students know what is expected of them in any school or classroom
  • We need traditional and non-traditional feedback and data

Additional Information