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Strategic Plan


Over the last several years, AUSD staff have been working on a strategic plan to help articulate and align the district's educational focus, time, resources, and organizational design, with an intentional focus on providing equitable opportunities and access to all of our students.  It is the first strategic plan since AUSD issued its 2010 Master Plan.

Drawing on extensive engagements with staff, students, and families, the Strategic Plan process also included developing a graduate profile (a composite of the global skills and dispositions we want our students to develop by the time they graduate) and a new vision, mission, and set of guiding principles.  

We encourage our students, staff, and families to take a few minutes to look at the plan. More detail on which specific actions will be taken when will be added over the coming weeks.


Translatable Strategic Plan

Superintendent's Strategic Plan Interviews

Guiding Principles

Vision and Mission

Graduate Profile