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Math Curriculum


In the spring of 2024, AUSD's Board of Education approved the development of a new integrated math rpathway that offers high school students increased chances to enhance their fundamental math abilities and enroll in advanced math classes during their junior and senior years. The outcome of extensive staff efforts spanning three years, this new integrated pathway will cover the same material as the conventional "Traditional" High School math track, including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. However, in the Integrated pathway, the material will be arranged differently. Both pathways are permitted under the Common Core State Standards.


Traditional Math Pathway: 


Integrated Math Pathway:



Dr. Vernon Walton                          Curriculum & Instruction, Director of Secondary Education

P: 510-337-7000 EXT. 77906

Lise Needham                        Curriculum & Instruction, Secondary Math Coach

P: 510-337-7000 EXT. 77155

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