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Homework Workgroup

AUSD'S Policy on Homework/Makeup Work

The Homework Workgroup was convened in Spring 2017 following stakeholder interest in reviewing district policies, particularly with regard to quantity of total homework and consistency across classrooms and school sites. After engaging stakeholders, reviewing research, and reviewing model policies, the workgroup developed a draft policy revision that was presented to the Board in June 2018.

This policy was made available in 2018-19 for additional stakeholder input. Following input and further workgroup discussion, the draft was revised substantially. Reports to the Board were made throughout the process, with the workgroup’s recommendations for revisions to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6154 (Homework/Makeup Work) and establishment of an additional exhibit (E6154) being brought to the Board for approval on June 26, 2019.

The proposed revisions would maintain the current overall structure of the policy with established parameters guiding the development of site-specific homework policies. The proposed exhibit would provide a template for sites to reference in their individual processes. The approved homework policies were piloted in 2019-20 with a plan to report and recommend next steps to the Board in the Spring of 2020.

Full implementation of the pilot was interrupted due to schools moving into remote/distance learning in March 2020. AUSD's homework/makeup work minutes were also adjusted during this interim.

Guidelines for a revised implementation plan was presented to the Board of Education on November 9, 2021 and a final revision to AR 6154 on February 8, 2022. A final presentation on implementation will be taken to the Board in June 2022.