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Haight Renaming Committee


In December 2017, the public learned that Henry Huntly Haight, after whom Haight Elementary School is named, held racist views.

Haight, who was governor of California from 1867 to 1871:

  • Opposed Congress's Reconstruction plan after the Civil War, saying the policy deprived southerners of their constitutional rights and would put white Americans "under the heel of negroes."
  • Spoke against allowing African-Americans, Native Americans, and Asians to vote, claiming suffrage would "end in the degradation of the white race and the speedy destruction of government."
  • Resisted allowing various races to live together in America, saying "… it is not the dictate of … sound policy, to locate together in one community races so radically dissimilar in the physical, mental, and moral constitution, as the Caucasian and African, or Mongolian. The attempt to mix these races is in contravention of natural laws.”

In response to the information, more than 100 parents signed a petition asking for a new name for the school. As mandated by AR 7310,  the principal then convened a "Renaming Committee" in the spring of 2018.  

Through the spring and summer, the committee generated ideas for engaging Haight families, students, staff, alumni, neighbors, and the broader community in the renaming process. Through September and October, committee members sought to raise community awareness of Governor Haight's views and the re-naming initiative, and also solicited names from the general community.  A primary election was held November 6, and a general election was held November 15. The resulting "candidate" name was Love Elementary School.

More details on the submission and elections process.

Renaming Documentation


If the school was renamed, the committee felt strongly that it did not want to erase the history and legacy of “Haight Elementary School.” Instead, the committee plans to solicit and display memories and photos of the school, as well as put up plaques with a history of the school, including why it was renamed.

The committee requested community involvement for suggestions and materials.