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Complaint Procedures and Forms

Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)

AUSD utilizes the Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP) to investigate and resolve complaints related to the following:
  • Unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, retaliation, or bullying based on actual or perceived mental or physical disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, nationality, race or ethnicity, ancestry, religion, age or color;
  • Complaints alleging failure to comply with state or federal law in adult basic education, after school programs, state preschool programs, career technical education, education for English learners, consolidated categorical aid programs, migrant and vocational education, foster and homeless youth education, child care and development programs.
Uniform Complaint Board Policy - Updated March 22, 2022 and Administrative Regulation - Updated February 28, 2022
Updated July 22, 2022

The following complaints are NOT subject to the Uniform Complaint Procedures:


Designated Complaint Officer
Jodi McCarthy

Coordinator of Student Support Services

Meira Nalamothu
Executive Assistant
Educational Services
P: 510.337.7063

Williams Complaint Procedures

K-12 Williams Complaint Form - Revised July 2022

Under state law, students, parents and staff can submit complaints concerning deficiencies related to instructional materials, conditions of facilities that are not maintained in a clean or safe manner or in good repair, and teacher vacancy or mis-assignment. These are called "Williams Complaints." The complaint and response are public documents as provided by statute. The Williams Complaint form may be filed anonymously. However, if you wish to receive a response to your complaint, you must provide contact information.

All Williams Complaints should be filed with the principal at the school site to which the complaint pertains.

Preschool complaints are addressed through the District's Uniform Complaint Procedures.

Title IX and Gender-Based Harassment

Information on Title IX and Gender-based Harassment