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AUSD's Green Schools Programs


AUSD's green schools program includes several different strands, including the Green Schools Challenge (a recycling and composting program); school gardens; environmental literacy; and Ocean Guardian schools.

Green Schools Challenge

Since 2009, the Alameda Green Schools Challenge has focused on maintaining a robust recycling and food compost program. Under the program, which is run by parent volunteers, students, and teachers, school site waste is sorted into green bins (for food scraps and soiled paper), blue bins (for glass, paper, aluminum, and certain kinds of plastic), and gray bins (for trash that needs to be landfilled).   The program, which has vastly reduced the amount of trash going to landfill, won a state Golden Bell award in 2014. 
Alameda Green Schools Challenge

AUSD Green Schools: Helping Students Make A Difference

Ocean Guardian 

  • Alameda Unified School District

  • Earhart Elementary School

  • Lincoln Middle School

  • Wood Middle School