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Encinal High School Measure I Projects


Located along the shore of the San Francisco Bay, Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School’s (EJSHS) classroom buildings and playing fields have long featured gorgeous views of water and sky. Over the years, however, the buildings had become worn, critical infrastructure was nearing the end of their service life, classroom space began to feel small and outdated, and the grounds were marred by portables and a lack of gathering spaces.

The new campus is a gleaming 21st-century learning environment that includes:

  • A new classroom building overlooking the Bay

  • Fully modernized 200, 300, and Science Buildings  

  • Updated science classrooms

  • Student gathering areas

  • New landscaping and student gathering areas in the front of the campus

  • Outdoor learning spaces

  • Outdoor basketball courts

  • Upgraded fire alarms, PA systems, phones, clocks, and campus power systems  

Planned Projects

(As approved by the Board of Education)

Current Projects

Scope of work:

Construct a new 2-story classroom building, modernize the 200 wing, provide interim housing and technology, communications & safety/security upgrades.

Building 200

The 200 building - the large building at the very front of the campus - has been completely overhauled and now has improved insulation, sun shading, and ventilation, new walls, windows, ceilings, restrooms, lighting, heating, lockers, floors, and even a new school seal in the front lobby. Some of the classrooms have been enlarged, and all of the classrooms have new smart projectors, modular furniture, white boards and bulletin boards.

Project Meeting Documentation

New Building 900

The new 900 wing is a 22,650 sq. ft. two-story building that holds five classrooms with breakout spaces, four science labs and classrooms, and a 2,000 sq. ft. Maker Space, which has retractable power cords, copious cabinet spaces, a roll-up garage, and a polished concrete floor, will be used for making, learning, exploring and sharing while using various tools and technology.

Site Demolition and Site Work

Other Buildings

The 300 Buildings have also been completely modernized and now boast new windows, floors, ceilings, cabinetry and furniture. The 400 Buildings have been partially renovated.  The student mosaic projects have been preserved.  The Science Building was renovated including new science casework, improved prep spaces, new sunshading and other interior improvements.