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Bay Farm School Measure I Projects

Planned Projects

(As Approved by the Board of Education)


Completed Projects

New Classroom Building (Schematic Design)

The project included a new 1-story classroom building with four standard classrooms, new courtyard, and site improvements; technology, communication, and safety/security improvements; and critical mechanical, electrical, and accessibility improvements.

Safety and Security (Schematic Design approved by the Board of Education on May 22, 2017)

Site Accessibility Improvements (Schematic Design approved by the Board of Education on October 27, 2015)

Summer, 2015
Geological testing
Site survey

Project Meeting Documentation

New Four Classroom Building

In progress construction of the new classroom building at Bay Farm School. Above, a few wispy clouds dot the mostly sunny sky
Wide angle shot of the new classroom building and green space at Bay Farm school.

Site Improvements