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Measure B

Phase II Repairs and Upgrades

Building Better Futures for Students

Last August, we were thrilled to welcome students back to school as we began to return a sense of normalcy at each of our elementary, middle, and high schools. We often hear from parents and community members that our high-performing local schools are part of what makes Alameda a great place to live, so it has been especially encouraging to see busy campuses and engaged students once again. 

As an added bonus, students at many schools are returning to renovated classrooms, updated science labs, and reimagined campuses, thanks to Measure I, which Alameda voters approved in 2014. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback for these Phase I improvements, which have included new and modernized classrooms and science labs at elementary and secondary sites, the complete transformation of the campus at Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School, and the award-winning restoration and renovation of the Historic Alameda High School.

We strive to ensure that each child has an equal opportunity for success, which is why there is more work to be done. While much of Phase I has already been completed, students at some schools are still learning in old and outdated classrooms and facilities.

Because of that, the Board of Education has placed a bond measure on the June 2022 ballot to fund Phase II upgrades to local schools. Phase II is aimed at first finishing basic repairs to keep schools safe and functioning and then providing state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and other facilities to prepare students for future success.

More Information

The Board of Education is planning a series of meetings and workshops in January and February to explore priority projects and funding options for Phase II of the Facilities Master Plan. Those meetings will take place: