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September 2023 Green Strides Tour

The US Department of Education's "Green Strides Tour" wound its way through central and northern California this past month and included stops at both Bay Farm School and Edison Elementary School
The tour highlights the achievements of schools that have received the prestigious federal Green Ribbon Schools (ED-GRS) award for school sustainability. It is intended to promote state and local collaboration regarding school facilities, health, and environmental education.  
Officials from federal, state, and local agencies attended the tour, in addition to community members and representatives from local non-profit organizations. 

The Green Strides Tour brought federal, state, and local officials to AUSD campuses to see demonstrations of successful green programs. 

Bay Farm teacher Michelle Kuttner, who has long led green programs both at the school and across AUSD, beams as a student talks to guests.

A representative from California Senator Nancy Skinner's office presents Bay Farm School Principal Katherine Crawford with a certificate of appreciation for the school's environmental learning program. Senator Skinner's office also presented a certificate to Edison Principal Greg Sahakian.

Bay Farm students talk to Green Strides Tour participants about waste sorting, gardening, and other green programs at the school.

 A display in Bay Farm School's garden prompts students to compare and contrast the life cycles of bees and apples.

Superintendent Scuderi greeting the Green Strides Tour as they gather at Edison Elementary School courtyard.

Superintendent Scuderi greets the Green Strides Tour as they gather at Edison Elementary School

Edison Elementary School's principal, Greg Sahakian, reviewing the school's robust %22green%22 programs with guests.

Edison Elementary School's principal, Greg Sahakian, reviews the school's robust "green" programs with guests.

Waste sorting is a core element in all AUSD green programs. Here students demonstrating how to sort lunch waste into green (compostable), blue (recyclable), and gray (trash) bins.

A parent volunteer at Edison Elementary School shares information about the school's robust green programs.

Edison students tell the tour why they like their hands-on gardening classes.

Green Strides Tour participants were able to take a quick peek at Edison Elementary students engaged in a lesson in the school garden.