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Pasquale Scuderi


Dear Families,

Thank you all for the wide-ranging contributions that have positioned us to open schools for students this week. I hope you and your families were able to refresh to some extent over the summer as we return to the rhythms of the school year. 

Our recent experiences, along with the evolving perspectives of public health, confirm that we now have the ability, and are on course, to consistently and responsibly manage the impact of COVID-19 in schools despite its lingering presence. 

This means an increasing share of our time and energy can be returned to creating or refining learning experiences and opportunity structures for students. Experiences and opportunities that engage, enrich, empower, and, hopefully, stimulate curiosity, imagination, and a genuine appreciation for learning. 

I look forward to conversations, dialogue, the sharing of ideas, and ultimately thoughtful actions and change. 

I look forward to a collective and adaptive pursuit of the district’s broader strategic goals (shared more widely over the next several weeks). 

These goals are in my view appropriately fundamental, and simply serve as a more calibrated foundation; one upon which the imagination and creativity of our educators, and the support of our families, can bring vital color, contour, and ultimately meaning to the student experience in general. 

I look forward to honest reflections about where we as a school district can all do better, and at the same time, to celebrating and expanding on the things we already do well as a result of our educators’ hard work and our community’s ongoing involvement. 

This is obviously easier said than done, but the unbelievable adaptations and efforts you all have made over the previous three years leave me confident that we can make progress together for students.

Put simply, my hope for this school year is that we can all approach the challenge of creating, facilitating, or supporting thoughtful learning experiences for our students together. 

Thank you all so much for being here, and the very best of luck over the coming year. 



Pasquale Scuderi