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Pasquale Scuderi head shot

Dear families, staff, and students

Today at about 2:50 pm, we had another report of an intruder at AHS. This one, thankfully, turned out to be a false alarm, but I want to be sure everyone in our AUSD community understands what happened.  

AHS staff put the school in a shelter in place at around 3 pm, due to a report of a possible intruder on campus. The Alameda Police Department was called and they came to help investigate. District staff also deployed to AHS to support.

Staff also sent email and text notifications to all families, staff, and students via ParentSquare so they would know what was happening. 

The police arrived and conducted an investigation, which included a sweep of AHS facilities, and determined that there was not an intruder on campus, nor was there any threat. 

All students and staff were safe throughout this incident. While we are relieved that this was a false alarm, we know that many of you may feel unsettled by recent events. 

As we have noted in previous emails this week, we are actively partnering with AUSD and APD to identify ways to strengthen our campus’s perimeter security, including having more staff at entrance points throughout the day and having APD patrol the area. 

While today's incident was a false alarm, we are appreciative of the quick response from staff and will continue to work this issue from multiple angles. 

I would again like to strongly emphasize how seriously we take not only these security issues but our community’s concern about them. 


Pasquale Scuderi