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A woman with a headscarf showing a picture book to children

Paden Elementary School hosted a Read Around the World event last week that showcased the transformative power of international literature and the fusion of food and cultures.

During its Reading Around the World event, families read to students in Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi, German, French, Dutch, Hindi, Turkish, Nepali, and American Sign Language. Students had the opportunity to journey through various regions of the world, indulging in captivating stories of families from diverse backgrounds. Alongside the stories, students and their families savored delectable bites from around the globe.

In partnership with the Office of Equity and the support of district staff, Paden integrated American Sign Language into the event, giving students, families, and staff the opportunity to learn ASL. This helps foster intentional inclusion and braoden understanding of languages beyond spoken words.

The event also provided an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable progress made by our multilingual learners in the reclassification process. Paden staff recognized nine students who have achieved significant milestones and met the criteria for reclassification. In acknowledgment of their achievements, each student received a personalized dictionary to furthre their language learning journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the PTA team and Paden teachers for their enthusiastic participation in the event. A special thank you goes to the multilingual family readers whose rich stories allowed us to embark  on a literal journey around the world.