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Mya Van Nguyen, recipient of Van Sickle Scholarship

Many of our graduates this year received scholarships from various colleges, universities, and organizations. We congratulate all of our seniors who applied for and received these scholarships. We’d like to especially thank our local community members and alumnae who contribute funds each year support seniors, often in memory of loved ones who have passed.  This year, those scholarships went to the following seniors:


Scholarship Recipients
Ted Anderson Award Amani Porter (IHS); Fetutuki Havili (IHS)
Beatrice B Barrett Scholarship Ava Burton (AHS)
Florinda Bartalini Scholarship Jennifer Tuason (EHS)
Larry Church Award Amir Chatmon (IHS)
Rey Cruz Award Jeovahn Guerrero IHS)
Cox/Hollywood Scholarship Jeremy Harris (AHS)
Kathy Duncan Memorial Art Award Lindsey Green (IHS)
Sally Gallagher Scholarship Margaret Kramer (AHS)
Miss Nicole Jones Memorial Scholarship Margaret Kramer (AHS); Erebecca Gleason (EHS)
Abraham and Sara Kofman Journalism Scholarship Corrina Chin (AHS); Gabrielle Benaquista (EHS)
Marlene and Steve Kofman Scholarship Patrick Bagget (AHS)
Paul Hardy Scholarship Scarlett Deveno (AHS); Paloma Anderson (EHS)
Susan Scott Scholarship Lan Vy Dinh (EHS)
Lou Allen Scholarship Diego Cerna (EHS)
Van Sickle Scholarship Mya Nguyen (AHS)
Steven Sizer Scholarship Roxana Pourfarzaneh (AHS)