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Starting in the 2023-24 school year, AUSD bell schedules will be slightly altered.

One change is that start and end times across grade levels will now be uniform. In addition, each Wednesday, elementary students will be dismissed at 12:10 pm, middle school students will be dismissed at 2:05 pm, and high school students will get out at 2:35. This change is being implemented so that school site staff have time to engage in continuous and in-depth collaboration. Research has found this sort of professional collaboration supports educators in developing and implementing curriculum, problem-solving, and supporting their peers in providing the best instruction possible.

Afterschool providers have been informed of this plan and will be providing care starting at the earlier dismissal times on Wednesdays.

The full schedule is below. We will have news about the modified day schedule shortly.

Grade Regular Day  Minimum Day (Wednesdays)
TK 8:45-12:45 8:45 - 12:10
K 8:20 - 2:00  8:20 -12:10
1-5 8:20 - 2:50  8:20 -12:10
6-8 8:40 - 3:10  8:40 - 2:05
9-12 8:30 - 3:30 8:30 - 2:35

 More information can be found in “Common Start and End Times to Support Collaboration,” a presentation given to the Board of Education on November 8, 2022.