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AUSD's protocols for this coming school year continue to align with guidance from state and county public health agencies.


Over the summer, the California Department of Public Health and the Alameda County Public Health Department changed their protocols for COVID-19. The changes reflect a move towards:

  • Aligning protocols for public schools to that of the general public; and
  • Treating COVID-19 like other transmissible diseases

To remain in alignment with public health experts' guidelines, some of AUSD’s protocols for positive student cases are also changing.

A summary of these changes is below. For more details, please see our COVID-19 Protocols page.


Face masks continue to be strongly recommended but not mandated for indoor K-12 learning environments. 


School-based testing

Both the California Department of Public Health and the Alameda County Public Health Department now recommend that school districts use rapid tests rather than PCR tests this year. As such, AUSD will:

  • Provide rapid, at-home, antigen tests home for students and staff exposed to a positive case in the classroom. This will take the place of having National Labs staff come to each classroom
  • Discontinue regular testing of students in grades K-6, as public health agencies now consider asymptomatic testing the lowest priority.

Free PCR Testing
National Labs will continue to provide free PCR testing for students, staff, and community members at Alameda High School (Monday - Friday, 3 pm - 6 pm).

Later this month, National Labs will also provide drive-through PCR testing in the parking lot of Lum Elementary School, Monday through Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm

Positive Cases
Students who test positive still need to stay home and take a COVID-19 test on Day 5. 

  • If they test negative, they can return to school on Day 6. 
  • If they test positive, they can stay in isolation until Day 10 or test again between Day 6 and Day 10 to see if they are negative. 

Exposure to Positive Casess
Elementary schools:

  • Principals will notify families and staff of the exposure.
  • Rapid tests and instructions will be sent home with students  
  • Exposed students should also mask for ten days

Secondary schools 

  • Principals will send schoolwide notifications about positive cases once or twice a week
  • Rapid tests will be available in the school offices

Symptomatic students

  • Symptomatic students should still stay home and not return until the symptoms have subsided and the student tests negative.

Staff Cases

In general AUSD's protocols for staff cases and exposures remains the same as it was last year.   


AUSD continues to encourage families, students, and staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and to get boosters if they are eligible. AUSD has organized a number of vaccination clinics during the pandemic and plans to continue to provide vaccination opportunities this coming year.