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Student playing tuba

The original composition of Jeremy Harris, an AHSD senior, was recently selected to be performed at the California All-State Music Educators' Young Composers Symposium.

Jeremy began playing tuba at Lincoln Middle School in the 6th grade and has gone on to write for and rehearse the AHS Drumline, assist middle school students, lead and organize the AHS pep band, and work in the AHS music library. He first began arranging music after finding some older songs in the library; in addition to "Survival Suite," he adapted the AHS School Hymn from a choral piece to a band arrangement.

In 2022, Jeremy performed with the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets, and they won first place in the Drum Corps International Open Class Championships. After he graduates, he plans to major in fire science/forest restoration at Oregon State University - and be a part of the OSU Marching Band.

Congratulations to Jeremy!