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Franklin logo designed by AHS students
Each fall, Andrea Szeto, AHS Career Technical Education (CTE) Multimedia teacher, conducts a unit that requires AHS student design teams to create professional logos, or “refresh” existing logos, for local non-profits and Alameda-based businesses. This year, students completed work for Alameda Canvas & Coverings, Mountain Elk Truffles, Alameda Family Services, and many more.
AUSD’s Franklin Elementary School was among the many clients that worked with the AHS design teams. Principal Lynnette Chirrick was especially pleased with the falcon mascot that design team members Gabriel Pagal, Christopher Dwa, and Isaac Ballerini produced. The school is proudly displaying the new logo on its website banner.

Franklin’s design team also took the time to incorporate the mascot into multiple variations that Principal Chirrick can use for annual school events, like the school walkathon or talent show.

“We have been wanting a new mascot for several years because ours looked either too fierce or our elementary school-friendly falcon looked more like a parrot," Ms. Chirrick said. "t was a pleasure to work with the AHS design team members. They were very business-like, skilled with design, and very creative. They designed the falcon, checked with me throughout the design process about colors and design, and even suggested the idea of making the lettering look like branches! When the process begins again next year, I highly recommend businesses in Alameda participate.”