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Parcel Tax Program Oversight Committee


In October 2020, the Board of Education approved combining the oversight and reporting of Measure B1 and Measure A under one comprehensive committee. After finishing the 2019-20 fiscal year oversight, the Measure B1 Oversight Committee voted to become the AUSD Parcel Tax Oversight Committee. 

The committee is comprised of at least 11 community members (including parent/guardians and district employees) and meets four to six times a year to review the district’s compliance with the terms of its two parcel taxes: Measure B1 and Measure A.

  • Measure B1 (passed in 2016) raises about $12 million per year for core programs, including AP classes, neighborhood schools, small class sizes in grades K-3, athletics, enrichment, and technology. Measure B1 went into effect on July 1, 2018, and will sunset on June 30, 2025.
  • Measure A (passed in 2020) raises about $10 million per year solely for retaining and attracting high-quality employees by raising salaries.

In the past, AUSD has had separate oversight committees for its parcel taxes. Because the district now has two parcel taxes running concurrently, however, in October of 2020 the Board of Education voted to create a combined committee to help manage the revenue streams as one unified program.

This page contains information about the membership of that committee, as well as the materials presented at each public meeting of the committee.

2022-23 Oversight Committee Meetings

2020-21 Oversight Committee Meetings


Susan Davis
Senior Manager, Community Affairs
510-337-7000 ext. 77175

Oversight Committee Applications

Oversight Committee Members