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Parcel Tax Program


AUSD currently benefits from two parcel taxes: Measure B1, which was passed in 2016, and Measure A, which was passed in 2020.

  • Measure B1 was an extension of the 2011 Measure A. It provides approximately $12 million annually to provide funding for 11 categories of programs and services.
  • Measure A was designed to attract and retain high-quality employees by increasing the district's salaries. The program provides approximately $10 million in funding every year. 

Together the two taxes bring approximately $24 million to AUSD every year - about 20% of our annual revenue.


Oversight Committee

Both Measure B1 and Measure A mandate the establishment of Oversight Committees to monitor the district's compliance with the terms of the parcel tax programs. In October 2020, the Board of Education voted to create and maintain one comprehensive "Parcel Tax Oversight Committee" for the district to facilitate oversight and reporting on the programs.

 That committee began meeting in April 2021.

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee