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District Advisory Committee

In 2017, the District began a review of its real estate holdings to ensure that it held the assets needed to do the District’s work and accommodate future growth. In May, the Board of Education ordered a District Advisory Committee (DAC) be created to review the District’s real estate holdings and make recommendations consistent with the Education Code.

The District advertised and solicited applications for members to sit on the 11-member Committee. Applications were due to the District Office on October 13, 2017, and twenty-eight were received by the deadline. The District’s Executive Cabinet reviewed the received applications and chose 11 members. The chosen DAC members represent a cross-section of the community.

What do DACS Do?

School districts may convene at any time, but they have to convene before the sale, lease, or long-term rental of any surplus District property under state law, the committees are charged with the following duties:

  1. Review projected school enrollment and other data as provided by the district to determine the amount of surplus space and real property currently existing in the district.
  2. Establish a priority list of use of any properties deemed "surplus" that will be acceptable to the community.
  3. Notice and hold hearings to get community input on acceptable uses of space and real property.
  4. Determine "limits of tolerance of use of space and real property."
  5. Draft report to the Board of Education recommending uses of surplus space and real property.

Meetings for the District Advisory Committee began in January 2018. The meetings are open to the public.