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2018-19 Real Estate Strategy


Over the last several years, AUSD has been strategizing on how best to use AUSD facilities for the most efficient and best possible use for students, staff, and community. Some of those changes include:

  • Negotiating for the return of two schools on Singleton Avenue (the former Miller Elementary School site and the former Woodstock Child Development Center (WCDC) site) from the Navy. We are excited at the possibility of adding two additional sites to our real estate portfolio so we are able to offer school facilities in the most cost-effective and efficient manners possible. Restoring these sites for use will be far less expensive than building two new schools. We hope to return Island High School and WCDC back to these sites as those schools would benefit from those more modern facilities, particularly with proximity to College of Alameda and new home construction in that area.
  • Planning how best to use the former Longfellow Elementary School site for a Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities yard and Food Services Warehouse. This would free up old substandard properties that could bring AUSD potential for cost savings and increased efficiencies.
  • Potentially moving Alameda Adult School to Alameda High School (once Historic Alameda High School is completed) in case the Board of Education decides that will be the best use of our facilities to achieve our district goals and offer the required space to this important community asset.

We expect these potential strategies to be presented to the Board of Education in early 2019. We will inform the community early on so that they can be engaged in the process.

For more information on these properties and potential moves, please see the "Project Profile" sheets on this page. (Double clicking on any page will bring up a full PDF.)


Food Services Warehouse Project Profile



Singleton Properties Project profile


Longfellow Facility Project Profile




Maintenance Yard Project Profile