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Instructions for the At Home Rapid Antigen Test


Thank you for testing your students (or yourself, if you're a staff member) before sending them back to school after Winter Break and then during their first week back. This will help us identify and respond to positive cases quickly, which will help us stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

When students and staff should take the test

Each kit contains two tests. Each test takes less than a minute to complete and 15 minutes to process. We would like you to test your student on:

  • Sunday, January 2
  • Thursday, January 6

registering for the test

To help track COVID transmission in our community, the state asks that all families register on the Primary Health website.  

preparing the test

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Set up a clean, flat testing area (disinfect if possible)
  3. Open the test kit box or bag. 
  4. Lay out all the items inside.
  5. Tap the test tube (with the orange cap) three or four times against the table (to mix up the solution inside).
  6. Remove the test card from the big white pouch.
  7. Lay it upright on the table.
  8. Take the swab out of its package.
  9. Open the long white package.
  10. Pull out the swab.
  11. Avoid touching the soft tip of the swab with your fingers.

Taking the Test

  1. Insert the soft tip of the swab into your nostril - about 1/2 inch.
  2. Swab the inside of the nostril in big round circles, touching all the inside walls.
  3. Swab each nostril for 15 seconds.
  4. Now twist off the orange cap of the test tube.
  5. Dip the soft tip of the swab into the test tube and mix it around in the solution at least 15 times.
  6. As you remove the swab from the liquid, squeeze the tube between your fingers to wring the liquid out into the tube.
  7. Screw the orange cap back onto the tube.
  8. Now remove the small white cap from the tip of the larger orange cap on the test tube.
  9. Squeeze three drops of the solution into the oval-shaped hole on the test card. 
  10. Set a timer (such as the one on your smart phone) for 15 minutes. 
  11. After 15 minutes, check the test.

reading the test

  1. The test needs to be read within 15 minutes  after the 15-minute processing time is done.
  2. A line under the "C" on the test card is normal - that is just a control line to make sure the test is working.
  3. A line under the "T" (for test) indicates that you are positive for COVID-19. The line may be very faint, so please check the test card carefully and under good light.
  4. If you receive a positive result, please call your health care provider and submit a report of your positive test to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker form on your school's home page.
  5. If no line appears under the "T" the test detected no virus.


  1. Log your result on the Primary Health website.  
  2. Fill out the COVID-19 Symptom and Positive Case Form on your school's home page. This will help us track cases, notify school staff of your student's absence, and send accurate reports to public health officials.

disposing of the test

You can throw your used test materials in the trash as soon as you are finished with the test. Please try to recycle the cardboard box and papers.