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2020 Census


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Every 10 years, Americans are asked to participate in the federal government's census to create an accurate count of all the people in the country. This spring, the federal government will be conducting the 2020 census.

It's super important for all members of our community to fill out the census. That's because census data is used to allocate billions of federal dollars to states, counties, communities, and school districts.  It's also used to determine the number of congressional representatives and Electoral College votes that each state gets.

AUSD is partnering with the City of Alameda, Alameda County, and the Alameda County Office of Education to help community members fill out the census. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to fill out the census, including people who are unhoused and people who are not citizens. Census information is confidential, and it cannot be used against you. What it can do is help AUSD and our city get funding for services that benefit all community members and support our state in getting the political representation it deserves. 

An invitation to the the census was mailed out to all community members in March. You can fill out the census on paper, by phone, and online.  

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Video guides are available to assist individuals in completing the form.

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