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Achievement & Assessment

The Achievement & Assessment division’s goal is to ensure that every student learns the skills and information they need to be well educated and productive citizens. Test results are an important measure to monitor our efforts in reaching that goal.

AUSD utilizes a variety of assessments to gather data on student achievement levels in order to monitor student progress over time and to make instructional decisions in the best interest of each student. The assessments currently in use with AUSD include:


  • California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

  • Screening and Progress Monitoring (STAR 360 Assessments)

  • English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC)

  • District benchmark tests in Language Arts and Mathematics

  • 8th Grade Portfolio

  • High School Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams)


Student achievement results are housed in a central data system, Illuminate, which allows each AUSD teacher web access to their students' data. The Illuminate system also allows administrators to monitor school wide and district wide performance over time


California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance (CAASPP)

To help families understand the CAASPP (also known as the "Common Core Test" and the "Smarter, Balanced Test"), we have created a Common Core Assessment page. Please visit it to explore a wealth of resources, including an FAQ, links to helpful websites, and updates on the test result release.

Assessment Websites

The following list of website resources are hosted outside Alameda Unified School District's website. AUSD cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by linked sites. Linking to a website does not constitute an endorsement by AUSD, or any of its employees, of the sponsors of the site or the products presented on the site.


ACT - American College Test
The ACT is one of the assessments college and university admissions offices usually require to apply for admission.


Adequate Yearly Progress - AYP
AYP is required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act; AYP measures the performance of California schools and districts.


California Alternate Performance Assessment - CAPA
CAPA is an alternate assessment for children with disabilities who cannot participate in general statewide assessment programs administered under STAR.


California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress - CAASPP

The California Department of Education replaced STAR with CAASPP in July, 2013. The first pilot tests were given in the spring of 2014, but the results were not released. The first official tests were taken in the spring of 2015. The CAASPP test measures students' skills and knowledge in ELA and Mathematics.


Data Quest is a tool to create or access summary reports that are available through DataQuest including; API; AYP; Course Enrollments; Dropouts; CELDT; English Learner; Enrollment; Expulsions; Graduates; CAHSEE; High School ACT, SAT and Advanced Placement; Physical Fitness Results; Staffing; Special Education; and STAR.


English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC)

The California Department of Education (CDE) is transitioning from the CELDT to the ELPAC as the state ELP assessment by 2018. The ELPAC will be aligned with the 2012 California English Language Development Standards. It will consist of two separate ELP assessments: one for the initial identification of students as English learners (ELs), and a second for the annual summative assessment to measure a student’s progress in learning English and to identify the student's level of ELP.


Physical Fitness Testing - PFT - Fitnessgram
The California Department of Education website for PFT provides information regarding the physical fitness test required to be administered to students in grades 5, 7, and 9.


PSAT - Preliminary SAT
The College Board website for the PSAT provides you information about the PSAT and the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test and programs. The PSAT is a practice test for the SAT that can be taken in grade 10 and/or grade 11.


SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test
The SAT is one of the assessments college and university admissions offices usually require to apply for admission.


STAR 360 Renaissance

Star 360 Assessments are administered each trimester in grades 1-5 to support learning for Reading and Math. Star tests are computer adaptive and take an average of only 25-30 minutes to complete. They tell us about student progress for learning state standards, the specific skills each student needs to work on, and student growth as the year progresses.


California High School Exit Examination - CAHSEE
The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) was previously a requirement for high school graduation.  More details about CAHSEE.


Carolyn Villa
Staff Secretary


In March 2017, the State Board of Education and the California Department of Education (CDE) released the “California School Dashboard,” a website that communicates information about public schools and school districts with easy-to-use indicators and graphics.

The dashboard, a key piece in California’s new school accountability system, replaces the Academic Performance Index (API). That system, which relied exclusively on standardized tests and gave each school just one numerical score, was suspended three years ago. The new system provides 10 different measures (six state and four local) of a school’s “performance,” which is a combination of its current status and its growth over time.

You can see AUSD's dashboard reports here.

Sample Report Cards

Staff Intranet Access

Illuminate - AUSD's online test taking and student assessment/reporting system. If you have questions about Illuminate, please contact Carolyn Villa.