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Annual Registration FAQ

Annual Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help parents. We have made a number of changes to our registration process for the 2018-19 school year, so please be sure to read through this page.  New questions will be marked in red and posted at the top of the page so you can easily identify updated information.


What is the purpose of Annual Registration?
Annual registration for returning students is used to affirm student's attendance in Alameda Unified School District for the upcoming school year. It is also an opportunity to update emergency contacts, acknowledge annual authorizations and review District policies. We ask that all families complete the process to make sure we have up-to-date information for your student.


Please note: For the 2018-19 school year, Annual Registration has moved from InfoSnap to the Aeries Parent Portal. As such, “Annual Registration” is now called “Data Confirmation.”


Do I need to create an Aeries Parent Portal account?
Aeries Parent Portal accounts are created automatically with the primary parent/guardian email accounts we have on record for currently enrolled students. If you have never accessed AUSD’s Aeries Parent portal, you will need to set up your account. Look for an email from, which will contain the information you need for setting up your account. These emails will be delivered starting in late July.
Click here for detailed instruction on how to set up your account for the first time.

Do I need an email address on record to have a Parent Portal Account?
Yes, parents need a valid email address to create a portal account.

In order to receive accurate communication and information, we advise you to open an email account.  If you do not have one, there are several companies which offer free, web-based email including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.


What information will be collected?
Aeries is Alameda Unified School District’s student information system. Most of the information you will see was collected at the time of your student’s initial enrollment or during last year’s annual registration process. During Data Confirmation you will have the opportunity to update:

  • Student Information (Primary Contact Phone Number and Address)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Health information (Doctor, History, Conditions, and Medications)
  • Annual Parent/Legal Guardian Agreements (i.e., Medical Release, Media Release, etc.)


Do I need to setup an account for each of my children?

No, you only have to have one Aeries Parent Portal account. Use that same account to access and update information for each of your students by using the “Change Student” dropdown in the upper right corner of the portal.

What should I do if I do not have Internet access?
If you do not have access to the Internet at home, local library, or other location, your child’s school can provide access to a school computer. Be sure to check your school’s website for more information.

What if I have a child who is currently not attending an Alameda Unified school?
If your child did not attend any Alameda Unified school during the 2017–2018 school year and you have not enrolled with our Student Services department, please go to the district’s enrollment page.


Please note: If your child is moving from an AUSD elementary school to an AUSD middle school, or from an AUSD middle school to an AUSD high school, your student is considered a “returning student.” You should receive an email for setting up your Aeries Parent Portal account.

What if I did not receive an email from
First, check your spam filter to see if the email was blocked. If you have not received your email by Friday August 6, you will need to visit your child’s school with photo identification to update your email address. Once your email address is updated in Aeries your account will be auto created and the Aeries Portal account setup email will be sent.

Who do I contact with technical questions or for assistance?
For technical difficulties, please write to Be sure to include your name and your student’s name.

I have set up my account Aeries Parent Portal account, now what?
Please complete the Student Data Confirmation Process for each of your students. A yellow bar will show at the top of your home screen until the process has been completed.

If you have more than one student you will need to complete the process for each student. Use the “Change Student” dropdown in the upper right corner of the page.

For more detailed information on the Aeries Data Confirmation process.


Do parents need to create a parent portal account every year?
No, this is a one-time process. If you have another child that enters the District, you will be able to add them to your existing account.

What else can I use the Aeries Parent Portal for?
Parents may access the Aeries Parent Portal anytime to view daily attendance, test scores, grades, report cards, emergency contacts, and more. Class schedules and teacher assignments will be available once data confirmation is completed and your student’s school has completed scheduling.

How do I make changes to my student’s information after I have completed and submitted the online form?  Please contact your child’s school for assistance.