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Board of Education Contacts

Mia Bonta
Elected in 2018
Term: 2018-2022


Jennifer Williams
Vice President
Elected in 2016
Term: 2016-2020


Gary K. Lym
Elected in 2014, 2018

Term: 2014-2022
510-298-1280 Direct
510-337-7187 Main 


Ardella Dailey, Ed.D.

Elected in 2016

Term: 2016-2020 


Gray Harris
Appointed in 2015
Elected in 2016
Term: 2016-2020 



Student Board Members


Will Lau (Term 2020-2021)


Brian Lin (Term 2019-2021)

Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School


Henry Mills (Term 2019-2021)

Alameda High School


To contact Student Board Members or for information on Board meetings, committees, or policies, please contact:


Kerri Lonergan

Senior Executive Assistant






Agendas & Minutes

NovusAgenda Board Web Site

(works best with Internet Explorer)

Next Board Meeting:


Tuesday, November 10th Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

(Agenda posted at NovusAgenda link above)



Join Zoom Meeting (Public Session starts at 6:30 PM)

Meeting ID: 950 3432 4470

Passcode: 407295


Upcoming Board Meetings:


December 10, 2020 Special Meeting of the Board of Education

Agenda items for this meeting will include:

  • AUSD's Significant Disproportionality Process: Progress on the Development of a Plan
  • First Interim Budget
  • Board Policy on Equity Discussion
  • Board Bylaw on Board Member Conduct Discussion


December 15, 2020 Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board of Education

Agenda items for this meeting will include:

  • Swearing in of New Board of Education Members
  • Election of Board President, Vice President, and Clerk
  • Approval of Schedule for Regular Board Meetings in 2021
  • Selection of Board Representatives for Committees and Subcommittees


To view Board of Education meetings on AUSD's

Facebook Page, please click on the following link:


In response to the Shelter in Place Order given to Alameda County and to the State of California, the Alameda Unified School District will continue conducting its Board of Education meetings in a different modality.


The District will be leveraging a Webinar format (using Zoom) in order for the Trustees to participate remotely, and to allow for orderly public comment.

There will not be a physical location for this meeting.


Participants who would like to make comments can join the meeting from their computer, tablet or smartphone. We ask the participants to type their full name when joining the meeting, as prompted, and we ask that meeting participants turn their video off. The Board President or Senior Executive Assistant will announce the opportunities for public comment on items under the Board’s jurisdiction and on agenda items. We ask that all participants who wish to make public comments use the “raise your hand” functionality.


Once their hand is "raised" attendees will be called upon, their microphone unmuted, and then allowed to make their statement for up to three minutes, depending on the number of speakers who wish to speak. At the end of the three minutes, the attendee’s microphone will be muted and the next participant will be called upon.


If a member of the public is unable to join the meeting via Zoom, they may send their public comment to: Public comments will need to be received by 5pm on the day before the meeting (this deadline will be published on the agenda) so they can be read out loud by the Senior Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.

Please keep emailed comments under 300 words so that they will fit into the

public speaker time limit given to in-meeting participants.


The Board and district staff have been delighted by the amount of people who have

been logging into our Board of Education meetings on Zoom. On behalf of the

Board of Education, thank you for tuning in and offering your feedback.


Would you like to receive an email notification when

Board of Education meeting agendas are posted?

Please email Kerri Lonergan at 

to be added to the agenda distribution list!


Approved Board Meeting Schedule for 2020


The Board of Education holds regular meetings the

second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM.


For questions about Board of Education meetings, policies, or agendas,

please contact Kerri Lonergan, Senior Executive Assistant

by email or call (510) 337-7060.


Thank you!